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ATN MARS 5 LRF 320 5-20X, 12 micron, Thermal Rifle Scope (MS5335LRF)

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The Mars 5 is our latest generation of Mars thermal scopes and is a revolutionary leap forward.
More power, memory, the latest sensors and custom chips makes Gen 5 a tour de force.
From eyepiece to lens the Mars 5 outperforms the competition. High resolution OLED display for blacker blacks and richer colors. Upgraded lenses, improved 12 μm technology, enhanced algorithms to provide sharp resolution and image quality. A new Quad Core processor with enhanced sensors give Mars 5 stunning image quality in both night and day. Precision is the name of the game in weapon scopes and what you see through a thermal scope matters.
Mountable on standard 30mm rings Gen 5 now sports a smaller and smoother profile for optimal design and comfort.
Mars scopes have always been feature rich but Gen 5 has new features to make anyone feel like a kid again. ATN’s exclusive Custom Reticle Builder will let your creative side have a real field day.
For those who must make their shots at any distance — LRF has been built in on the side in the smallest form factor ever. Giving you unprecedented precision at up 1000 yards with the internal Ballistic Calculator.*
One Shot Zero, Profile Manager, Ballistic calculator, Long Battery Life, Smart Mil-Dot Reticle, RAV (automatic recording of your “kill shot”), Dual Stream Video, IOS & Android Aps, Radar (for group coordinated action), and many more Features make Gen 5 Mars a true marvel of science.

- Ultra sensitive sensor
- Record HD video
- Dual stream video
- Smooth zoom
- E-compass
- Wi-Fi
- Color mode
- Comfortable eye relief
- Custom reticles
- Ballistic calculator
- One-shot-zero
- Profile manager
- Ultra low power consumtion


Laser Rangefider: yes 

Sensor: 320x240 60 fps 12 µm

Lens: 35 mm

Magnification: 5-20x

Field of view: 6.3°x4.7°

Core: ATN Gen V Quad Core

Micro Display: OLED display 1024x768

Eye relief: 90 mm

Video Record Resolution: 1280 @ 60 fps

Ballistic Calculator: Yes

WiFi (Streaming, Gallery, & Controls): iOS & Android

Bluetooth: Yes

3D Gyroscope: Yes

3D Accelerometer: Yes

RAV (Recoil Activated Video): Yes

Electronic Compass: Yes

Smooth Zoom: Yes

Radar: Yes

Reticles: Multiple Patterns & Color Options, User Custom reticles

Reticle Editor: Yes

Microphone: Yes

MicroSD card: 4 to 64 Gb

USB, type C: Yes

Mount: 30 mm Standard Rings (included)

Battery life (Li-ion): 10 hrs

Waterproof rating / IP rating: Weather resistant

Human Detection Range: 1400 m

Human Recognition Range: 630 m

Human Identification Range: 378 m

Operating Temperature: -20°F to +120°F / -28°C to 48°C

Dimensions: 316x56x54 mm

Weight: 0.88 kg

Warranty: 3 years

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